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omg! they keeled DA!! ive lost total interest in it now ;___; maybeh ill just stay here :3 hehe *pets LJ* ii lj na~ xD

how do you do those thingers where you have links that lead tou your full journals? ....Like when people put up icons they only put up teasers then u have to click on a link to see the rest (>_<) lozl

I'm sooo broke right now! ...well not really but in my mind I am! @_@; there's sooo many things I want to buy but don't have enough for and I can't ask my parents for some because theyre out of town for another week I think D:

and omg...I still can't get a hold of them ;___; Q___Q they want to give my precious Aiba (my dog) away to my aunty and I want to tell them NO! Dx lol...

and work so far isn't really good either >n>;; My back and feet are KILLING MEEE~!!! *cries* lol! and the person training me isn't that patient T^T lmao its quite funny though =w= fufufu~ she's swearing away in Cree and she doesn't think I understand but oh...i do ;D rofl today she threw 2 staplers around the room past the staff room when we were checking out X3 almost hit me once O.o; lozl STAPLER FIGHT! *chucks them around*

im soo happy~ i dun work tomorrow : D *tears* well im off to watch my tenimyu n listen to music C:

Current Location: on my ass
Current Mood: sick Sick/tired/bleh!!
Current Music: Oath in the Storm - Kimeru

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omg i have finals tomorrows!! D: *cries* im getting kinda nervous >n< still studying at 12 when i should be restin grr...

tomorrow i have E.LA tomorrow then Math,Science and Social~ T_t but the good thing is i only have half days of skool on mon,tues, n thurs X3 fufufu~

well i guessh ill b a goin' n im gonna invest-tah-mah-gate LJ so i can make mine interstin like others i see! >U< lmao! lataz! <33

Current Location: Couch xD
Current Mood: tired tired/nervous!
Current Music: Lost Complex - Iceman

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I've been killed by an artist block! I can't draw anything and i have no motavation what so ever to even pick up a pencil >n< So now I'm going to take a break from Deviantart and practice my singing a bit more =3 and hopefully when i try drawing again it'll be a lil' decent X3

http://youtube.com/watch?v=vY8L8BAvF4Q&search=Iceman omg!! i totally love this song! its so cool!! the lead singer looks a lil like Ryuichi from Gavi...maybe thats where they got his chara design from? x] hehe

yeah today i was looking around youtube.com and saw some Miyavi vids and hes such a dork xD a cute,hot,spaztic dork <33 haha gotta love em :]

Current Location: My basement!
Current Mood: embarrassed embarrassed
Current Music: Shining~

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today i skipped school only in the morning because i had a test in the afternoon~ X.X man i hate school~ >3< only about 16-20 days of school left though : D yay! we end on the 29th of june i think...humm.. also had a weird/horrible nightmare > < i was being chased around by someone i liked (dunno who it was tho xD) and they had a bat trying to kill me and my friend or anyone for that matter DX

well imma go finish some homework n' go to bed hope i dont have a nightmare tonite >u< hehe

byebye~ <33

Current Mood: sleepy tireed~
Current Music: Kouri no Emperor - Tenimyu

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